Moorgate’s publishing team can handle both the content creation and design of attractive publications, whether these be topical-based white papers or monthly newsletters. 

Moorgate’s ability to create engaging, audience-focused content, combined with its publishing team’s design experience, allows it to push key messages across in a number of formats. In particular, Moorgate can help with the publishing of: 

  1. White papers: These are 2,000-3,000-word documents produced on a particular subject or issue, allowing key messages to be conveyed. They are a strong alternative to product-related brochures as they focus on relevant issues, and usually involve interviews with clients as well as independent research. 

  2. Monthly or quarterly newsletters/magazines: Many companies produce research, news or commentaries on a regular basis, which can be aggregated and re-purposed for quarterly or monthly newsletters – printed for key events or sent out electronically. 

  3. Digital e-books: With more and more content being read on digital devices, Moorgate can help publish e-books and digital magazines of all of the publications it produces.  Indeed, Moorgate’s experience suggests that integrating video and other digital content helps increase exposure for its publications – and has a video production team that can help in this respect. 

To view some recently produced publications please visit our blog.