Moorgate specialises in complex areas such as transaction banking, treasury services, derivatives, structured finance, asset/project finance, emerging markets and market infrastructure. Success here requires strong sector expertise. 

Moorgate is a financial PR agency that understands the nuts and bolts of finance. This includes areas such as transaction banking – including payments and fintech – trade and commodities finance, securitization, infrastructure, debt markets and analytics. These are technical areas focused on sophisticated and knowledgeable audiences – which means communications campaigns must convey a deep sense of sector knowledge.

Moorgate spends time getting under the skin of our clients. Our aim is to produce tailored campaigns that succeed because of – rather than despite – the complexity of our clients’ messages. Such a thorough understanding comes about, in part, from the application of a consistent and dedicated team working on each account: led by a dedicated Account Director.

A key document for Moorgate is the Positioning Paper. Generated at the start of all campaigns, it helps establish the key objectives – as well as the messages and audiences – for our communications work. From here, we develop a tailored strategy with some supporting tactics: helping us calculate the correct approach to meet your needs.