Video Production

Moorgate uses its deep client knowledge to offer compelling short-form video production. We develop message-focused scripts and storyboards, which are then brought to life by our experienced video production team.

Moorgate’s offering includes:

  1. Pre-production: Moorgate’s client knowledge allows it to develop strong ideas for creative content, while remaining on-message. Working closely with the client, we research and develop scripts and storyboards to ensure the final product is delivered to exacting specifications.

  2. Production: : Moorgate shoots in high definition (HD), using specialised camera equipment to ensure sharp, visually-pleasing imagery that is optimised for the web. We take care of everything from interviewing subjects and ensuring crisp sound quality to capturing other images that will help add colour to the final cut.

  3. Post-production: Moorgate’s editing experience brings content to life, weaving interviews, voice-overs, digital effects and complementary footage together to create engaging, hard-hitting videos that hook the viewer. Videos are compressed and exported in a format optimised for the web, meaning they are ready to upload directly to video-hosting websites.

Below is a video scripted, shot and edited by Moorgate for Siemens Financial Services, released to coincide with the launch of a whitepaper. 

To view a previous series of videos conceived and scripted by Moorgate, please visit the BNY Mellon Treasury Services website