What we Do

Moorgate Communications is a full-service public and media relations agency. We develop and execute communications campaigns that help communicate our clients’ expertise – often using thought-leadership strategies and tactics.  

Our services include:

Ghost authoring and placement

  • Whitepapers
  • Commentary/OpEd articles
  • Features and cover stories
  • Regular columns
  • Media-edited research reports
  • Sponsored editorial

News generation

  • Press releases/news lobbying
  • Press briefings
  • Outlet-tailored news writing and placement
  • Story building through news generation
  • “News jockeying” and citation

Media profiling

  • Relationship building with editors
  • Interview generation and preparation
  • Quotes, citation and data referencing
  • Media days and briefings
  • Media-placed company profiles
  • Awards submissions

Media training

  • Print and broadcast interview preparation
  • Interview techniques
  • Message delivery and question deflection
  • Avoiding interview traps

Direct to audience tactics

  • Seminar, roundtable and event generation
  • Publishing and newsletter creation/execution
  • Brochure and website copywriting and design
  • Speaking engagements
  • Speech and presentation writing

Other tactics

  • Market surveys
  • One-to-one meeting generation
  • Crisis management
  • Fund raising communications
  • Media monitoring
  • Deal and non-deal roadshows
  • Annual reports and chairman's statements